Best ASIC Miner Hosting in Canada (as of this writing) is available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


This promotional pricing will only be available for the month of April 2018. We expect this 5 MW facility to be sold our by the end of the month. Finding a reliable miner hosting with available space and power (without minimums) in Canada is a tough proposition these days.


In the Edmonton/Calgary area, we have the following ASIC hosting all in rates available (approximately $70 per KW USD)

  • Antminer S9 $99/month
  • Antminer L3+ $53/month
  • Antminer D3 $67/month
  • Antminer A3 $85/month
  • Antminer X3 $36/month


Miner Host Features

  • Free install with 12 month term (includes unpacking and set up)
  • Climate controlled
  • 24×7 Tech staff & security
  • High speed Internet


This provider is ready to host your miners. No minimums and free install. Contact ASAP before the space and power are long gone.






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