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  • Bitmain Antminer S9
  • Bitmain Antminer L3+
  • Bitmain Antminer S7

Bitcoin Colocation Quotes

Bitcoin Colocation


Updated pricing as of 07-19-2019 is below…..

Georgia (USA) $65USD  per S9 (all in)

New York State $75USD per S9 (all, 50+ units)

Alberta Canada $76USD per S9 (all in)

Kuwait $59USD per S9, 100+ S9s $59USD (all in)

China $70USD per S9 (all in)

Larger volumes of 500+ ASICs

USA & Canada 3 to 6.5¢ (pricing depends on MW, managed and unmanaged pricing available)


Bitcoin colocation and Bitcoin mining hosting has become a very popular topic these days. With the rising price of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple and Dash, miners have been flocking to find homes for their loud, hot and energy intensive mining equipment. Sure a few miners are still running their machines at home much to the dismay of their significant others but more and more have seen the benefits and advantages of utilizing a “miner friendly” data center colocation.


Advantage of using a Bitcoin Colocation Data Center


Lower electricity costs – miner colocation facilities offer a flat rate on power. Many have negotiated the best commercial rates in the industry. Washington State has some of the lowest electrical rates in the World at 2-3 cents a kwh.


Advanced Cooling – miners need to be cooled the correct way or they will just not run efficiently. Data centers offer state of the art mechanical cooling methods to keep your miners running cool even in the dog days of Summer.


Physical Security – let’s face it, Antminers are not cheap to buy. Antminer S9s will run you anywhere from $5 to $7k a piece. If you have a couple of machines, that is very significant capital investment. Data centers offer physical security beyond what you can do at home or build on your own such safe guards as 24×7 staff, limited entry points, man traps and door controls, security cameras, etc.


Network Security – miner facilities offer firewalls to stop intrusion detections, DDoS attacks and antivirus and anti-malware. 24×7 technical staff are constantly on alert for these types of issue and other threats.


Technical Expertise – miner colocation technical staff are familiar with today’s complex mining gear from Antminers to custom GPU rigs. If you need technical assistance, most colos offer 24×7 support to keep your miners running at peak performance. Simple things like reboots and eyes support are also available.


No Geographic Boundaries – there is no need to have your miners located in your “neck of the woods.” Bitcoin mining colocation companies will accept your gear and rack and stack it for you. Just pre configure the software, pack it up safely, insure it and ship it along. This is a very standard practice in the industry. We have had hundreds of clients residing in high cost electrical cost States such as New York and California ship their gear to places such as the States of Washington and Texas to take advantage of the cheaper electrical rates and the technical expertise available at the data centers. can get you Quotes Today! can help you find the right “miner friendly” data center for your miners at the best price. Our service is free and we get paid a simple referral fee from one of our providers if they earn your business. Just tell us your requirements and we will send out an RFP to qualified miner hosts in your requested area. They will contact you directly with additional information and pricing. To receive your custom set of quotes, please use our contact form or call 828-482-5892 or email bitcoinminingdatacenter (at)

Bitcoin Antminer S9 Colocation Pricing (other Antminer, GPU rigs and custom rigs pricing available upon request)


  • Atlanta, Georgia $70/month
  • Dallas, Texas $90/month
  • Houston, Texas $90/month
  • Indiana $90/month
  • Illinois $115/month
  • Kansas City, MO $100/month
  • Las Vegas, Nevada $150/month
  • Los Angeles, California $275/month
  • New Jersey $125/month
  • North Carolina $100/month
  • Northern Virginia $150/month
  • Phoenix $200/month
  • Washington State $90/month

International Antminer S9 Pricing (other Antminer, GPU rigs and custom rigs pricing available upon request)


  • Amsterdam $125/month
  • Estonia (near Russia) $190/month
  • Milton, Ontario (near Toronto) $90/month
  • Montreal $90/month
  • Sofia, Bulgaria $150/month
  • Quebec, Canada $85/month
  • Kuwait $59/month
  • China $70/month
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